Monday, February 28, 2011

Burdens to the Brim.

Sometimes I just feel like I need to carry people's emotions for them. I get so sad when my friends are sad. I get sad when my friends don't get along. I get sad when things aren't working the way they should for my friends. But on the flip side, I get happy when my friends are happy. I celebrate victories with them, and I laugh with them. So this 'carrying emotions' things has its good and bad sides.

Currently I am experiencing the negative side. I feel like if you were to take all of my friends and put them in a room- I would be carrying 1 ounce of each emotion they are experiencing. Do you know how many emotions that is? I do. It's 4930864212.86 emotions. That's way too many emotions for one person. But I just care so deeply for my friends. And I don't want to care less.

So that's why I keep reminding myself that I don't have to care less. I just have to care in a different way. I am not capable of carrying everything for everyone, and I need to accept that. I need to be laying all of their burdens at the feet of the Lord- just like I do for myself. I can't cling on to them for ages. God cares about all of my friends just like I do, and he is more capable of fixing their problems than I am.

Spring break is going to be so refreshing. I need it so badly. In case you didn't know, I am going to Mechanicsburg, PA, New York City, and Philadelphia. And then I will spend a few days at home with my family. That has never sounded better to me. 4 more days.

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