Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whadda Week.

This past week was a crazy roller coaster ride! God was teaching me so much, and in the midst of that, IWU decided to have its first snow day in five years. So of course all the students freaked out. With no school on Wednesday, I had a lot of time to sit and process thoughts.


God is just continuing to teach me about His sovereignty. There were so many moments this week where I wanted things to go MY way or for people to act MY way. And God just kept showing me that He knew whose way was best- HIS. Being a control freak, sometimes this is hard for me to admit. But I do know that He is right. I just had to remind myself how important it is to follow God with an UNDIVIDED heart. Last week, we had to choose a verse that would serve as our "theme verse" for the semester. I chose Psalm. 86:11.

"Teach me Your way O Lord, so I may walk in your truth. Give me an undivided heart, so I may fear your name". Ps. 86:11

I found this verse to be very applicable to this week. I needed God to first of all TEACH me. I sometimes like to think that I already know what there is to know about being in a relationship with Him- that's never true. There is always room to grow and things to learn.

Then I needed to walk in his TRUTH. I was listening to lies that weren't from God all week long- which helped contribute to the roller coaster ride. I can't try and formulate thoughts if I don't know that they are true.

I needed to be reminded that I have to give God my UNDIVIDED HEART. There were some times this week where I felt like I wanted to hold on to certain aspects of my life. I was willing to give Him the basics. But when it got down to the nitty gritty- I wasn't ready to loosen my fingers. I think that that has been my problem for a while.

Then I needed to remember to always be FEARING GOD. Not fearing this world, or fearing the plans I have for myself- but fearing God.

When life gets tough, sometimes these things are hard for me to do. Mostly because all of them run on pure faith, and when I'm going through trials, I like to be comforted by things that are present and tangible. Does this make me a bad Christian? How can I call myself a follower of Christ if I can only honestly say I follow God 87% of the time? I want to follow Him 100% of the time, and I am going to continue to strive for this. I just need more work.

So many realizations+ 1 snow day+ schoolwork= whadda week.


  1. YES

    Awesome thoughts



  2. I think we're walking similar roads. Well, different roads probably, but similar sign posts. Well, really, God is just revealing similar lessons to us. I love you and your brain and your desire to follow God 100%.