Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Vaca.

Well. After months of planning and pulling teeth to get my family to go- we are officially getting ready for vacation. We leave tomorrow at 8am. We are staying in a cabin (Dogwood) for a week in the Upper Peninsula in Curtis, Michigan. I would attach the website for the campground, but it doesn't do the place justice at all. We still have packing to do and some minor errands. We haven't been on vacation together in 6 years. I know some families have never been on vacation, so I don't like to complain about it. It's just that we always used to go on vacation and haven't really since dad got sick. So this is a big deal for our little family. I am praying that nothing goes wrong- well stuff will probably go wrong- I guess hoping things don't go TERRIBLY wrong (ie. car dying, hospital visits, car accidents, theft, anything like that). We do not have a huge itinerary because our every day life is filled with chaos, so our vacation shouldn't be. We will hopefully be able to go on a 3 hour boat trip through Pictured Rock National Park. At this place-

We also hope to spend some time swimming, relaxing, reading, hiking?, touring the little town of Curtis, going to some other national parks, maybe go to this cute little zoo, grilling food since our grill is broke, bonfire, and watching some movies we picked out of the $5 bin at Walmart- those are bound to be good.  So fun WILL be had. Oh and I want to go running in the fresh air. That I need to do. And our dog Bubba is going, so I painted his toenails. Not because he is gay, but just to show his enthusiasm for his first vacation. He hates the outdoors. So I will continue praying that all goes well until we our back home next Saturday. Then, a week later- it's back to school. So fast. The summer has gone by so fast.

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