Friday, September 2, 2011

Freshmen Move In

Today's high - 98 degrees.

There will be highlighting of names, post its being made to direct the move in crew, mentors being met, boxes being unpacked and then saved for the Bowman boat race, there will be dads complaining about the size of our cabinets, moms that are trying to decorate their daughter's entire dorm room, there will be residents that might be scared out of their minds and others that will be bouncing off the walls, there will be hundreds of smiling faces, there will be millions of questions, and at the end of the night- there will be screaming, dancing, costumes, singing, orange duct tape, spray painted t-shirts, teased hair, and distribution of stones to represent this milestone time in 116 girls' lives.

And I am so excited. This day only comes once a year.

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