Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Things.

I have been trying new things lately. 

I tried the new coffee house in Marion. Midwest Coffee Company. That is a cute little place. 

I tried going to Marion Public Library to do homework. I can't be very productive in my room. Just semi-productive. 

I volunteered at Grant County Rescue Mission last Saturday and today for class and really enjoyed it. When my schedule opens up more, I am going to try and volunteer there more regularly on my own. They have so much stuff, and it is such a great cause. 

I am going to babysit 6 hours a week starting next week because I love kids, and I look at it as my own little therapy. That probably sounds ridiculous to moms around the world. 

I passed my first medications in clinical yesterday. Only oral meds so not too interesting but still a milestone.

I decided to write out all of my thoughts that I am trying to process as a list and carry the list with me. When I get anxious about them, I will take the list out and pray over it. For a whole month I will do this before I start acting on anything or deciding anything. <--- shout out to Bethany. 

I got a Pintrest account. I am still learning what that means. 

I tried turning myself 'off' last night. I was just me. I didn't let myself think about anything else except the people I was with and what I was doing. "me time". 

I visited the boys' lodge last night too. It was nice to sit in a room full of people and have casual conversation and good laughs. It felt so normal. I have been lacking that lately I think. 

And I started processing the idea of going to California for Spring Break 2012 to visit Danielle. 

Normally when there are this many new things in my life, I get overwhelmed. However, I find it to all be so refreshing right now. Just what I needed. 

Oh and the leaves are changing colors. I love that. So much. 


  1. I like this post SO much. Emily Larson, keep pursuing those new things, but don't overwhelm yourself with too much. Also, keep giving yourself "me time," it's so pertinent to your sanity : )

    Lastly, I like that your processing SB12. I like it a lot. And I'M SERIOUS. Like, I would welcome you in a heartbeat.

    Love you.

  2. P.s. send me some of them leaves. They don't change as fast here.

  3. thanks for reading this to me. shout out to myself.

  4. This post was brought to you by... Emily's bluetooth settings.

    Also, all these things are good, good, good things. :)