Monday, November 7, 2011

That Time.

We are reaching that time in the semester.

Where you realize how much you still have left to do in just  a few short weeks.
Where you are starting to reach the end of your rope.
Where you either really want to be around people all the time or you would rather just be in a room alone with a cup of coffee. (I go back and forth frequently).
Where the idea of Thanksgiving and Christmas break sounds so appealing.
Where you want it to feel like Christmastime, but you dread the idea of trucking through the snow.
Where people start talking about next year like it's tomorrow and you just want to crawl in a hole.
Where applications for May term missions trips are due.
Where you become nostalgic (at least for me- this is the time of year I am most nostalgic. Who knows why).
Where your friendships are deepening and you realize how grateful you are to be surrounded by such wonderful people.
and where you just want to go shopping for cozy sweaters.

Now when I say "you" - I might be referring to myself. However, I do think a lot of these ideas apply to more than just me.

I discovered typographized Bible verses because of Bethany's blog. Shout out.

   A great new design for Romans 8:28 - designed by Kassandra Wright (@kassandrasophia)

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