Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Great Way to Start a New Year.

TIf I told you about the last 36 hours I have had, you probably wouldn't believe how great it has been. . .

but I'll tell you anyway.

I had lunch with my little cousins yesterday. They really wanted to take me to CiCi's pizza because it is their favorite and I have never been. It was mediocre, but they were so excited I was there = worth it. We hung out at their house for a while, and they showed me everything they have ever owned and every piece of artwork they have ever made. I love being the big cousin. I really hate that I am away at school for a lot of these great years of their lives.

Then I drove to the city to see Claire's new place. Two of my favorite things in that sentence - Claire and city. We're already off to a good start. Her apartment is ADORABLE. Perfect actually for her and Corrie (her sister). So cozy but still spacious. Then I met Claire's boyfriend, Nick. He made Claire and I dinner which was delicious. Homemade pizza from scratch. I must admit, I was impressed. Also, he didn't even let the fact that Claire's oven (which should technically be called an Easy Bake Oven) was too small to fit the pan with the pizza on it. You can't just pick up a pizza made from scratch and move it to another pan, but he figured it out. It was delicious, and then he made a Nutella dessert which was superb. We had good conversation and good laughs. Nick is a new believer, and I am trying to get him to start a blog because he has a lot of unique thoughts that I think would be a hit in the blog world. When he left, Claire and I started watching "One Day" but started dozing off halfway through so we stopped it and went to bed.

We then woke up this morning and went to The Body Lux for our full body massages. Claire and I bought each other one for Christmas, and it was the best idea we ever had. We would like to thank Groupon for their great deal.
A table like this was waiting for me. I felt so undeserving. I was ecstatic about this massage for WEEKS,  but when I got there I got nervous. I all of a sudden wasn't comfortable with a stranger being all up in my business. However, that fear went away quickly. I loved it. Oh my gosh - I loved it. 

This was my favorite part, and no, that's not me. 
This was near the end, so I was so relaxed I felt like rubber. Phenomenal. Just a little lesson - Claire and I learned you are supposed to tip the therapist. Just so you know and you don't get put in awkward situations like us. 

Then we met up with Emily and Brenna for a surprise lunch, and I am so glad it worked out. 

Then we went shopping, had coffee, looked for mittens only to be disappointed, realized I had maxed out my credit card due to buying a plane ticket to California but I didn't care because I was in such a good mood and I know what went wrong and why, practically froze our fingers off in the Windy City, listened to an older man rock out in the subway, found out where Wells Street was, and decided we both don't really like Toms, at least for us. 

Then we went back to Claire's to watch the end of "One Day". I liked it but have to say I was a little taken back by the ending. We then cooked Corrie dinner and had more good talks. Then we decided last minute to go meet Paige to watch her friend in a Second City improv show. So Claire met Paige! It was just great. I was so happy. 

I am home now and still feeling great from my massage. The lady told me I will be sore for the next two days, and I am already feeling it! My new bikini for Spring Break 2012 to Cali was waiting for me when I got home, and it fits which was surprising because I was nervous about getting it online. Now I am going to work out for the next eight weeks like a beast to be ready to wear it for real. AND - I also learned when I got home that the GPA requirement for the externship this summer is a 3.0 which is a lot lower than I expected, so I have nothing to worry about! 

Now THAT is a great way to start this new year. I feel so blessed to have so many great people in my life and to live by such a beautiful city. 

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  1. So good!!! I hope you memorized all those massage moves so you can test them out on me later this week! HA! ;)