Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hour by Hour.

This week has just been one of those weeks where you feel like you have been put in a dryer and someone hit high speed. Absolutely crazy.

It started with a Monday that got away from me all too quickly and at 6PM I was contemplating not going to night class (but that would've been the second time in a row) and I decided to just buckle down and go. Because of that decision, I was up until 2am finishing homework and baking chocolate peanut butter chip cookies from scratch for Ben and trying to write out my thoughts in a letter to him for Valentines Day - I'm sure you can imagine how long that took.

Valentines Day I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up by a rose handed to me by Paige and a card that said "You are beautiful" from Ben. That was one of 12, and all day, when I was least expecting it, one of my friends would come up with a rose and a card. Talk about flattering, and for a girl who can't receive affirmation for the life of me - this was a challenge! I didn't see Ben all day, so I was really excited when I saw him with the 12th rose at the end of the day. He is too good.

Thursday the letters for next year's staff came out. It's official - we have a staff picked, and I am so excited! I am still in that middle ground of wanting to finish this year strong but also needing to think about next year as training approaches in March. That can be an emotional spot to be in. However, I feel so grateful for all of the RAs (past, current, and future) in my life, and I am so blessed by all of their friendships or friendships that are about to blossom.

Congratulations Paige Oler, Stephanie Yoder, Lindsay Britton, Kassidy Deaver, Paige Scott, and Lexi Dierker! You girls are going to be wonderful!

Oh - and I may or may not have deleted all 500 contacts in my phone this morning. I am going back to the Verizon store and praying they can help me - although I doubt it. It is such a weird feeling to not know or have anyone's phone numbers! All I knew was my moms, grandma's, Claire's, and my brother's which are all kind of useless with them being in Illinois and all.

Now I am about to embark into the land of homework and paper writing until Monday morning comes. Doesn't that sound appealing?

I'm just going to go hour by hour. 

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  1. hour by hour. rock it out babe. just remember to put the quarters in ;) (the dryer...every hour!)