Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Some of my favorite things:

Friends... rest... oceans... sand... music... new places... palm trees... sun... being able to not wear leggings with dresses because long legs are socially acceptable in california... fro yo... shopping... when your brain turns off... hot tubs... sunsets... 6 hours of laying in the sun... time with God with mountains in the background... sour patch kids... big glasses... airports...coffee shoppes... having the opportunity to step into a chapter of someone's life and experience what they have been doing for the past few months... when you have friends you can just pick up right where you left off at...

Things I have learned:

-Jet lagged means feeling like you  have been hit by a truck right around 8PM. At least that's what happens when you travel in three time zones in one day.
-If you want to carry your pet snake in your hand on Manhattan Beach Boulevard in California, you can. Don't worry if other people are deathly afraid of snakes.
-God knew I would need this trip with these girls at this time a long time ago.
-Subway in California serves feta cheese. Why don't I live here?
-Sneaking into hotels to use their rooftop pool is totally fine. and common.
-Maybe I can be a "tweeter".
-Sometimes you just need to get over yourself and buy a strapless bra.
-Danielle owns these California streets and drives like a native.
-Kayla comes alive in the sun.
-I think I was supposed to be born in a coffee shoppe. It's one of my favorite paces of life.
-NEVER hook your iPod up to your computer while you have Spotify opened. NEVER.
-Traveling is one of my passions.