Thursday, February 7, 2013

In This Time...

I know I haven't really blogged, and honestly, I am thinking about ending my blogging career.

That could change. It's just on my mind.

BUT - I did want to blog for today. I wanted to write something down for this date, for this season, and for this time. The frank reality that soon my world is about to look real different is sinking in. So as I sit here at an elementary school being a school nurse - handing out ice packs, teaching about lice, listening to kids tell me they feel nauseous, and chatting it up with Brenda, the school nurse (who is a PEACH), I will write down this date.

-To remember what it is like to be running from thing to thing, hour by hour, as a college student.
-To remember what it is like to be a part of such a blessed and enriching community.
-To remember what it is like to have professors who care more about teaching me the importance of a sabbath and resting than about that day's lecture.
-To remember what it is like to have so many great friends in one place.
-To remember what it is like to be able to chat with just about anyone - including Brenda - about the Lord and walking through different seasons with Him.
-To remember what it is like to train for a half marathon.
-To remember what it is like to feel a million and one emotions about things like NCLEX prep, RN licenses, job searches, finances, relationships, and apartment hunting.

A time of transition would be putting it in the least of words, but I feel the Lord's presence in such a special way. When I start trying to plan everything on my own and write out my own story, I feel Him tap me on the shoulder and tell me to let Him do it. He's better at it anyway.

This is an exciting time, and even if it feels scary sometimes - it is such an adventure, and I am feeling so very blessed.


  1. oh i will be so sad if you stop blogging. reading your blog is so relaxing.

  2. i dig. don't delete your blog. I need something to let me know you're still alive.