Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hodson Half

Creative title... I know. So I bet you can guess what this is going to be about...

I know my mind should maybe be filled with other things right now, like maybe the research paper I have due tomorrow that I haven't started, or the friends I want to be spending time with in this season, or the test I will be taking in two months to becoming a nurse. But alas, I am stuck on THIS...

I'm supposed to eat this before I run...

I'm supposed to wear these when I run...

 And I am supposed to run this far.

I had a moment of panic the other day. I almost dropped out. I don't normally quit things (aside from the swim team in 8th grade - that I quit after 2 weeks). I have never run this far in my life. When race day comes, which is in 18 days, I still - will not have run this far (I am only doing 11 beforehand). It seems very intimidating to me. School has been a little more demanding than I expected, so sometimes there hasn't been time to train, and I think I started panicking when I realized that running HURTS. I didn't know. No one ever told me. Now, I talk to everyone about it, and everyone tells me it is going to hurt. So now that I have come to terms with that idea, I feel motivated. I feel more ready about it than I did this weekend. I think my mind is back in the zone. Different people have given me pointers and schedules and things to remember. Gosh, everyone really has been so encouraging. So I am doing it. In 18 days. With Ashley - God love her for sticking by me through these weeks of training. Such a motivator. I will try my hardest to run without stopping, and I will maybe cry because I am so scared. It's fine. I really think I can do it, it just might not be easy. This post may have been more for me than for anyone who will read it, but people keep telling me to blog and tell them what's on my mind. This is me trying to share and sticking to my commitment to more blog posts. =]


  1. Emily, you are going to feel so accomplished when you finish & I know you will! Goodluck with the last bit of training, do not get discouraged! I'll be cheering over here for you guys!!

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  3. you gone love it. fo sho. promise. ITS WORTH IT! and 11 miles is a good max before the race. I can't wait to see you cross that finish line!! don't worry, if you puke 6 times in front of all the boys it'll be fine. Some people just do that.... But its ok.... life goes on ;)

    (that last part was a reference to me puking 6 times post hodson half, not a prediction that you will.)