Monday, January 24, 2011

Do What You Will.

Last night, I went to Winter Jam. It was my first time experiencing Winter Jam, and I LOVED IT.

There were 11, 000 people smashed into this coliseum just worshiping Jesus. There is no other feeling than looking around at 22,000 hands in the air and seeing the pure joy on the faces of your brothers and sisters in Christ as they are being led in worship by amazing artists. At one point I just stopped and looked around and thought- this is only Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is only 11,000 people, and heaven is going to be SO.  MUCH. BIGGER. That thought just boggles my brain. If that feeling I got from just looking at 11,000 people worshiping Jesus, I can't imagine what I am going to feel when I look at all of God's believers from around the world standing at His throne praising His name. I think I made a good decision in putting off my homework for a day to go to this event.

Today I am awaiting the arrival of a letter in my mailbox. It will tell me if I got the position as ARD next year. I have many thoughts about it, and yes, I admit, I have nerves about it as well. However, why am I worrying? God's will is going to be done regardless, and that is all I ask. I am going to follow Him wherever He leads me. His plan is greater than mine. I'm excited.

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