Thursday, February 17, 2011

Truly a Miracle.

I had a really great beginning of the week.

Since I have Tuesday night and Wednesday morning clinical- I hardly do homework on Tuesday and don't start doing it on Wednesday until late. So that's always great. THEN on Tuesday- I went to my OB clinical.


Out of control. I'm still trying to grasp what I experienced. There were moments where I wanted to gag. Moments where I wanted to faint. Moments where I wanted to cry. And moments where I just stood there and realized how amazing it is that our bodies can do that. Childbirth really is a miracle. And I know that is really cheesy. But I was blown away at how crazy it is that a human can be created inside of its mom. I loved it, and I ran on adrenaline for the next 24 hours.

Then when Wednesday night came around- it was time to do homework. But I had to watch the Bachelor first (I hate that I'm addicted). Then I decided that in order to be productive at nine o clock I night I would have to go to the library. So Kayla and I did homework together. Then the air vent started making noises and Kayla yelled "shut it" IN THE LIBRARY. I was embarrassed. But here is a picture of her fixing the air vent:

Ok that's all for now. I didn't proof read this. So don't critique me. 

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  1. You were all adrenaline. You convulsed on the slushy sidewalk like a dying fish. I REALLY liked that. Really.