Monday, February 21, 2011

Hell Weeks vs. Heaven Weeks

There are falling ice cubes outside, and the wind blows them directly to your face. It hurts, and it's really cold. I have officially dubbed this week  as my "hell week". When I told Kayla that she said, "well just think of all the heaven weeks you will have." She's just so optimistic.

5 midterms (now down to 4).
2 papers
2 clinical
Comp practice

All of this requires a lot of time. I don't have time. GREAT. I studied for so many hours yesterday. I was in the second floor study room of North Hall for 8 hours. When's Friday?


  1. Also, Naked Strawberry Banana juice has 22 strawberries in it. BOGGLES MY MIND!

  2. it also makes you feel naked when you drink it... speaking from experience ;)

  3. you've never had naked juice in your life. you just like to say naked.