Saturday, June 25, 2011

5th Grade Boys and 5 Year Old T-Ball.

This week was VBS at my church. I got saved at VBS, so I always enjoy helping out and my work schedule allowed me to. I asked to work with first graders because the mom that I have babysat for for five years was leading it; however, they needed more help in 5th and 6th grade. So I said okay, and of course, I got the table with five rowdy 5th grade boys. It's so funny to interact with that age group. They are at that awkward stage where it isn't "cool" to be friends with your VBS leader, but they appreciate the fact that they aren't sitting at the table with the overwhelmed/crabby mom who is trying to be a VBS leader after taming her own children all day and night. So they just memorized their daily verses to me, we looked up passages of scripture for their crossword puzzles, I walked them to game time and craft time and snack time, and would do the motions to the songs with them. Overall, it was a good week though, and I got the chills when the kids got up in front of everyone and shared what they learned throughout the week. VBS is such a good idea. It recruits so many kids that don't normally go to church and I like it. We sang a song called "Rock of Ages" at least 15 times.

I also babysat a lot last week. The first night I babysat for a family that I only babysat for one other time. There was a terrible incident that happened that I would feel guilty if I blogged about. Everyone is fine though. I was just a little mortified. Then I babysat Zach and Jackson. They are 12 and 5. Mikayla is 10, but she was at camp. I have babysat for that family for five years, so it is a lot of fun for me. We hung out after VBS and went to the Little Red Schoolhouse and looked at animals, fed fish, caught (Jackson killed) baby frogs. We also went to the the theatre to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. That was a cute movie, but it is a little stressful to go to the movies with Zach, Jackson, my dad, and my brother. Then both of the boys had baseball games. So I had my first experience with 5 year old T-ball. I loved it. When a little kid would hit the ball, all of the kids would run from wherever they were in the field to try and catch it so they could throw it to first base. It looked like a giant dust ball. 9 out of 10 times Jackson was the first one there. He had a little routine for throwing the ball to first base, and every time he did it I laughed. He would occasionally look over to us and give me a  thumbs up. Soon that won't be cool anymore, so I soaked it up. 5 year old T ball is my favorite sport. It took me 20 years to figure that out.

And to top my week off, last night at work- my little heart throb patient (a 20 month old boy who has brain cancer and has had three major brain surgeries in the past two months) learned how to say my name. He calls me Emmy like all my cousins did when they were little. My heart melted to be "a puddle on the floor" as Lindsay would say. He lets me hold him now too. He has been at the hospital a lot since I have started working there. He likes wagon rides, peek a boo, and the balls that stick to the window when you throw them. I pray for him every day.


  1. So many boys. "Let the boys come to you, Emily." and it looks like they are, all the ones 12 and under that is ;)

    Kai is 15 months and likes wagon rides, peek a boo and anything ball shaped, especially blueberries. that's about the same. They should meet and be Besties.

  2. So many children. I'm a puddle.