Monday, July 11, 2011

Abundance of Education

This past week- I have learned so much. 

I bought this -

And although I am so excited to have my own car- there is so much I still don't know. I'm naive. I had to fix the air conditioning in it, but I knew that when I bought it. When I brought it in to be fixed, the dumb car people broke the latch you pull to open the hood. So it had to go back today to be fixed. The check engine light was on too because of an O2 sensor?? Whatever that is. So I was planning on having to put more money into it, but turns out- the light wasn't on when the men looked at it. Now- could this be a spoof? Probably. Will the light come on again? Probably. But for now, I am content. In my minutes of frustration and anxiety over now having something to put a lot of money and care into, I realized that God is in control of it. I have no reason to freak out over a light. Whatever happens happens. I will worry about it later. For now I am blessed and grateful that it is running well and that I am able to afford it. Besides, it's SO CUTE! 

Through the process of purchasing a car, I learned about car loans, financing, interest, credit cards, credit scores, fuel, gas mileage, how to effectively clean the windows on the car when a five year old gets sunblock hands all over them, and I am overwhelmed with this sense of independence. It's a new little bundle of responsibility, but I am excited to have it. I just have to pray that nothing terrible goes wrong when I drive it out to Peotone tonight to have dinner with my girls. 

Ok I promise not to blog about cars anymore- cars have just been the biggest part of my week. 

Tomorrow I am going to Six Flags with my cousins. Woot Woot!!!! 

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