Wednesday, November 30, 2011

50th Post.

It's crazy to thing I have posted on this thing 50 times. Who knew that this blog thing would actually last? I have really enjoyed it. I like reading about what life is looking like for my friends, and I like learning new things about people through their blogs.

I feel like a lot has happened this week and it's only Wednesday. I finally cranked out a four page paper for World Civ, but I would have rather had all my teeth pulled out.

There are still assignments coming out of who knows where that I am responsible for, but I actually have an overwhelming sense of peace that I really appreciate. I know it will all get done. I am just hoping my grades don't slip in these last two weeks because a lot of the points for my classes lie in these last few days.

I am reading a book for one of my classes. It's about a midwife in Maui, Africa. I love reading, and I am mad I don't have more time to do it. It's nice to have an assignment that doesn't require a lot of thinking.

Also, a major decision has been finalized this week. I am officially returning as ARD for Eastside next year (unless Noelle decides not to rehire me- ha. That would be unfortunate). I have thought about this decision for the past 6 weeks like no other. I had actually settled on going to the lodges, but after much processing and really envisioning myself over there- I decided that that is not what I wanted. I love freshmen. I love helping the freshmen. I love hearing their stories. I love walking through this crazy year of their life with them. I know God is really utilizing my strengths here, and I am very humbled by that. I love working with Noelle, and I would be crazy to pass all of this up. So I turned in my application today. I feel so relieved.

Also, there is snow on the ground. It's pretty, but I need better shoes.

And finally please note: this week I have been doing great at my morning devotions and taking my vitamins. Ask Paige. Even though my vitamins made me feel like I was going to throw up everywhere this morning.

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