Saturday, December 24, 2011


Christmas Day.


How did that happen?

I'm going to wake up tomorrow, go to church, come home, eat a nicely cooked brunch with my family, open presents, and then go to work.

I made these for the kids at work. Reindeer cookies if you can't tell. 

Our family Christmas was tonight. I loved it. I am truly blessed. I love my family a lot, and I wish I had more time to spend with them. 

Also, my brother made me a scrapbook. He was so excited to give it to me that he insisted I open it tonight. I was touched. 

In the book I am reading, "A Childlike Heart", I came across this little passage that has really put Christmas into perspective for me this year. 

                  "Jesus, more than anyone who ever lived, deserved the full blessing of His Father. He deserved only Heaven's dew, earthly riches, and abundance of new wine. He deserved only the most sublime praise of His Father. But instead, at the pinnacle of His ministry, a horrible, inexplicable reversal occurred. Instead of receiving HIs just reward, the sinless Firstborn was put on a cross to bear the curse of sin. The Son's agony was tremendous, His cry more bitter than Esau's 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?' But the Father did not lift the curse. Instead, the Firstborn was mocked. His naked, destitute body was laid in a tomb. 

                     In those moments, the Father did the unthinkable. He took His hands of blessing off His Firstborn and stretched them toward you and me. He turned the sweet sound of His voice away from the deserving One and toward the ugly, conniving, lying younger siblings and offered them the blessing they didn't deserve." 

Today, I will celebrate the fact that the Father sent His beloved- for me. He took His hands off of Jesus in His dying moments- for me despite the fact that I am so undeserving. Jesus walked this earth knowing that He was sent for us. He was tempted, ridiculed, beaten, loved, hated, and so beautifully perfect. I have been given eternal life- all because of that little baby in the manger. 

That is Christmas.