Wednesday, December 21, 2011


What I learned at work the past two days...

-Steroids make kids EAT. The "mac and cheese at 8am, I ate a cheeseburger, fry, hot dog, carrots, and lasagna in two hours, and I am a 6 year old girl" - eat.

-I think I wear 60 pairs of gloves in one shift.

-If kids won't talk to you, they will high five you which makes them give you a confused/half smile that will still make a difference.

-Cancer kids are great at UNO.

-Creases in your socks + 15 hours on your feet = blisters.

-Reactive airway disease means "not really diagnosed - asthma".

-To stop the contagious strep throat mom-less kid from repeatedly running through the halls, threaten to take away the volunteer who came to play with him. He'll stay in his room.

-Every mom who has a cancer kid will have a breakdown at the nurse's station, and there will never be answers to give them.

-Your Christmas list doesn't come close to a kid who just wants to be home for Christmas.

-Nurses have pizza parties when the difficult patients finally go home. That's kind of funny to me.

-The externship I have been planning on doing this summer requires a GPA that is .05 higher than mine. Rumor has it, all you need is to be already employed by the hospital and some killer recommendations. 25 spots. 500 applicants. I really am content with whatever happens. I'll apply by the end of break.

-I am learning more than just how to be a nurse at this job, and I feel so blessed.