Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Months

I don't like the word anniversary because it makes me think of old people and graying hair and dentures. I also think it can be dramatic sometimes when couples who are dating feel like they need to celebrate every single month spent together. I guess I am just not like that. I do, however, use days like today to reflect. Today I have been with Ben for two months. Most of the time, I just think that two months is not very long and nothing to get all crazy about. BUT, then I think about all of the growth that has come attached to these two months and all the little hills we have had to walk over, and I do think that it is something to celebrate. These two months have meant more to me than successfully being in a relationship for 60 something days. There were so many times in the past few years of my life where I didn't think I could date again, and I have been proven wrong. God had other things in store, and I am so grateful that He did.

It is scary to think of the next two months. There is a lot of unknowns which is something I tend to not handle well. I don't know what is in store for Ben and I, but I acknowledge that I am not supposed to know. That's part of the adventure. So I will continue to give it over to God and hold it loosely. God's plan comes first.

So today I am trusting and celebrating - and soaking up the 80 degree weather.

I am thankful.

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