Monday, January 16, 2012


This word has haunted me the past several days. I normally would consider myself a patient person. I don't mind crowds, waiting in lines, waiting on others - heck I am from Chicago and I love Black Friday. Two things that both require a lot of patience.

BUT, I find myself lacking this week. I have generalized patience I would say, but I don't have the tiny, in between the lines, the type people don't really talk about, kind of patience. After several conversations, I think God is really trying to teach me what it is like to not be in control. Now that is something I can easily admit to - I always need to be in control. How selfish is that?

           Why do I think that I know what or when things need to happen? 
                     Why do I doubt that God is not doing HIS own thing on HIS timing? 
I think it's because I am lacking patience

When I know what I want, I want it then and there. That's a problem, and I am realizing that. So God is teaching  me - which is good because I feel like I haven't been taught anything in school yet this semester. God knows He has to keep my mind busy somehow!

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