Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Final Weeks and Flying Planes

I have three (four if you count night class) days left of classes for my junior year. Then I have to study for finals.

Easter weekend was so great. I went to Ben's house and got to spend such good quality time with his family. They are so great and so welcoming. I have learned in college that going back to someone's house with them can really teach you a lot about who they are. Whether it has been just because or for staff retreats, I always enjoy my time with my friends in their "territory". I also love families, so that makes it all the better.

My brother is flying to Marion on Saturday for breakfast. Flying - like a plane. I don't know when he grew up, but it happened.

I want to be more prepared for Kenya. It is coming so quickly, and I do not feel ready yet.

I turn 21 in 19 days. I guess I am growing up too.

Kirk Cameron comes to IWU tomorrow. Ha. That still cracks me up.

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